A Morning in Everything World….


How to make an Everything World….

Add one part each, Poet and Musician (both must be engaged and open to whatever may come their way), add two parts amazing children that will teach you about the ways of their world, including but not limited to kitchen dance parties, coloring sessions, Saturday breakfast, the art of the fastball, throwing a spiral, skipping in the rain, donning the perfect Elsa dress, reading with Mama, piano/melodica duets with Papa, lego building and rebuilding (when the photographer steps on the treehouse, ahem), clone troopers vs. storm troopers, instant film and lots and lots of laughter….

My favorite kind of day is the kind where I can settle into a space with a family and make photographs with them as the beauty of their daily life unfolds. My hope is that when this sweet family looks back on these photographs in years to come, they’ll be brought back to this place…this time…when they were this iteration of their family, so perfect, so full of laughter and love and…everything.

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One Response to “A Morning in Everything World….”

  1. Angus McLeod

    I fall deeper and deeper in love with this family day by day. I am awe struck by their capture of the enchantment of life, the depth of their expression and their sheer joy of being alive. What an amazing family. Wow!