The arrival of the sweetest, wee, love…


It is such an incredible honor to be invited into a family’s home to capture the birth of a baby. The anticipation and love for this sweet baby, Smith, was multiplied out exponentially by his parents and four older siblings. Mama, Joy, weathered most of the labor throughout the night. It wasn’t long after I arrived that things really started moving along. She moved quickly from being read to in the bed by her husband (tears), to the birth tub for a handful of strong contractions. At around 3:30 am, the children tumbled downstairs in their pjs, excited to greet their new brother. It was a  few good pushes, and their sweet little blondie brother joined them. There were tears. And hugging. And lots and lots of gentle touches from little fingers. Watching each child examine his little blonde eyelashes was wondrous. When Clementine, one of his sisters, exclaimed “You know what mama? Me and Smithy have a heart connection.” it was pure, heart-exploding goodness. Bearing witness to this beautiful family and their deep ‘heart connection’ has been one of the most beautiful, grace-filled experiences. What an incredible way to greet this new year. <3

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