July 4th


…and the catching up on posting continues….better late than never, right?
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Port A – June 2014


Getting caught up on posting a few adventures from this summer. It’s freaking me out that the school year is so rapidly approaching, and I find myself desperately trying to figure out how to squeeze in just one more getaway. We ran away to the coast earlier this summer and the trip, although short (really short) it could not have been more perfect. I know it’s not California, or Florida, or the Carolina coast…but it suits me just fine, and I can’t wait to get back.

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One remarkable, wondrous, amazing day on earth…


It blows my mind when I think about it. The world we exist in is decidedly predictable, with a certain amount of sameness in it at any moment. People talking as they walk down the street, sirens wailing outside the window, phone vibrating with the demands of the world, dogs being walked, groceries being bought, dinner being made. Just the every day hustle and bustle that we all have.  The world just plugs along as usual…and then almost in a blink, it doesn’t. After nine months of anticipating…knowing and not knowing what to expect, the extraordinary happens. Each time I witness it, I can’t believe that the earth isn’t knocked off its axis, even just a little bit. I’m often in a state of “can you believe that just HAPPENED?” after a baby is born. It’s just the most remarkable thing in the world, really, the birth of a new being. The birth of the Harriet and Clementine was no different. Actually, who am I kidding? It was very different, because there were two. *Two* sweet, fresh, new, wrinkly toed, wise-eyed little beings joining the world. They weren’t here in the world with us one minute and then they were the next. And the world shook. Or it sure felt like it. The only thing as remarkable as witnessing a baby being born is seeing the strength, power and will of a mama releasing them from the womb. With the tireless support of her sweet husband Dwight, and a rock solid team of midwives, doulas and sister-in-law, Jessica rode the waves of a long and intense labor to deliver two of the most precious beings that you ever laid your eyes on. I mean seriously. It is such an incredible honor to be invited to document such a world altering event. I will be forever grateful that this family called on me to capture this day…into night…into day for them. Blessings, truly.Dugan 1024-24Dugan 1024-15Dugan 1024-48Dugan 1024-61Dugan 1024-66Dugan 1024-84Dugan 1024-115Dugan 1024-90Dugan 1024-153Dugan 1024-174Dugan 1024-178Dugan 1024-195Dugan 1024-204Dugan 1024-238Dugan Blog Post 7Dugan Blog Post 8Dugan 1024-304Dugan 1024-330Dugan 1024-331

Sneak Peek ~ Jam and Bruce


A few weeks ago I spent an afternoon with Jam and Bruce at their Bouldin neighborhood cafe and restaurant, Thai Fresh, producing some owner shots, editorial shots and promotional head shots. We’ve known each other for some time, and I know that Jam is a talented photographer in her own right, so I felt honored that she chose me to photograph them together doing their thing. Thai Fresh is a warm and inviting space, with lots of windows, lending itself to taking naturally lit photographs. It serves a neighborhood cafe and wine bar, as well as a full Thai restaurant that supports many other local small businesses by choosing to purchase locally sourced and sustainable produce and meat to create their meals. As a vegetarian foodie, I always appreciate that there are many gluten-free and vegetarian options incorporated into the menu. This makes it a great place to take the family or a large group that may have varying dietary needs. I was thrilled to spend some time in this environment to take photographs, rather than just to eat…which is why I’m normally there. If you’re in town for SXSW, or if you’re a local and you haven’t yet given Thai Fresh a try, I highly encourage you to…and I’m not just saying that because Jam sent me home with big ol’ serving of Pad Thai for the teenager.

Jam and Bruce

Jam Cooks