Shooting with Soul Week 1 ~ Glimpses of You


Fiona and I have started our longer term project, following along with the prompts in Shooting with Soul  by Alessandra Cave. Below you’ll find our Week 1 captures of ourselves and each other for the ‘Glimpses of You’ chapter. It’s been an incredibly lovely week shooting together. Here’s to many more.

shooting with soul week 1left top: fi of fi

right top: fi of me

above: me of me..and flyer

below: fi of fi
Choice 2shooting with soul week 1-2top left: me of fi

top right: fi of me

above: me of me and fi

below: fi of me
shooting with soul_-5shooting with soul week 1 - 3top left: fi of me

top right: me of fi, of fi

above: fi of fi

below: me of me…and ginger and flyershooting with soul_-17

New Personal Project: Shooting with Soul


A few weeks ago, I received a copy of Shooting with Soul, 44 Photography Exercises Exploring Life, Beauty, and Self-Expression by fellow Shutter Sister, Alessandra Cave.  My daughter Fiona (12) and I have been searching for a photography project that we can work on collaboratively, and this beautiful book has tempted us into moving forward using it as our guide. The first chapter is inspiring as well as informative and provides a great launching off point for what will be close to a year long project for us.  We’ll follow the exercises and shoot on topic during the week and weekend, and then we’ll post our photos on Mondays and start shooting for the next week’s exercise. If everything goes as planned, we’ll have our first photos up next Monday. Like at the outset of any new project, we’re both really anxious to get started and excited to see what will unfold.

Shooting with Soul-2