…and it was good.


The girlie and I took a trip just out of town this past weekend. The temperatures in Central Texas are finally cooling down enough that if you stay near the water during the day, and bring light layers for night, you don’t feel like you’re sweating your very life away. There was just the right amount of talking, and silence, and hiking, and reading, and swimming, and hammock-ing, and photo making. One evening, we had an impromptu meeting at the river with friends, and then blessedly, even more friends. There was the hurried catch-up of a summer passed apart, rope-swinging into the river in jeans (impromptu-like), a beautiful River Story unfolding upstream with said friends, rock skipping, fireflies, fish nibbling my toes, and the sniffing of a new, sweet-baby’s head (*swoon*). I cherish this time out of the city with Grace so deeply, and find that as soon as we’re back in town, I’m on the computer looking for the next opening at a nearby state park so we can get away again soon. Far away adventures are all well and good, but sometimes just getting forty minutes out of town is exactly what’s needed to right the boat. <3